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How to Fight Health Insurance Coverage Denials and HMO Malpractice

Nurse holding hands over family to represent insurance.Protect your right to appeal unfair insurance decisions and seek compensation for coverage denials. Don’t let corporate greed affect your health care.

Dealing with your health insurance company shouldn’t have to be an ordeal.

You expect your insurance company to step up and do the right thing, regardless of whether you or your employer pays the premiums.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are businesses fixed on the “bottom line.” For them, it’s all about profits, stock prices, and shareholder dividends.

Federal laws governing health care have changed dramatically in recent years. Patients have more rights to services and fewer restrictions on coverage than ever before. In response, insurance companies are finding other ways to limit or deny high-dollar claims.

Seubert Law Firm can help you fight wrongful claim denials and institutional medical malpractice in Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY.

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