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Dr. David Seubert The licensed healthcare provider’s educational pathway provides little to no exposure to the business of medicine. Licensed healthcare providers, after many years of training, are faced with complex career decisions that may change over time. Providers must execute, navigate and potentially dispute contractual agreements with their employer or employees. Practice formation and dissolution can a challenging, time consuming and expensive process.

I am uniquely qualified to assist you as a licensed healthcare professional. I have the necessary skills and tools to optimize and protect you. As a practicing clinician, I am well aware of the obstacles that the licensed healthcare provider encounters trying to practice their profession. I completed an executive MBA program for physicians while practicing general obstetrics and gynecology. This experience gave me knowledge and expertise in the business of medicine as it applies to practitioners, institutions and healthcare consumers. I will provide you with preemptive strategies for proper contract negotiations and assist you with contract disputes. I will guide you through practice formation or dissolution in a time and cost-efficient manner. I will fight hard to defend your professional needs so that you can pursue excellence in your chosen profession.
I am uniquely qualified to guide you and your practice. My broad breadth of expertise and knowledge of compliance law, certified in healthcare compliance (CHC), healthcare privacy (CHPC), and as a certified compliance and ethics professional (CCEP) will allow me to assist you and your practice in all aspects of compliance including self-disclosure reporting, remedial and corrective action plans and defense of unwarranted compliance charges. My professional experience as a medical director assigned to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of a major healthcare insurer as well as my billing and coding expertise as a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) will allow me to defend you if you encounter allegations of upcoding and billing fraud.

Call on me for help. I will direct and guide you with strategies to enhance and protect your professional practice. I will use my broad knowledge, expertise and professional repertoire to vigorously protect and defend you in the event that you encounter difficulties in your professional practice.
I have been offered a job with a private practice. The practice manager sent me a contract. Do I need a lawyer to review my contract?

Many practice disputes and dissolutions could have been avoided or mitigated had proper contract negotiations been conducted. It is essential that the professional understand concepts such as “no complete” clause(s),” termination clauses and malpractice coverage prior to signing any contract. The professional joining a practice with expectations of becoming a partner must understand the pathway to partnership. It is essential that the licensed healthcare professional seek legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney prior to signing an employment contract.

Our private practice is considering merging with another practice in the community or becoming hospital employees. Should we consult an attorney prior to making this important decision?

Merging practices is a very complicated process. Likewise, transitioning from private practice to becoming a hospital employee is not a simple process. Practitioners in the process of transitioning have many responsibilities. It is essential that practitioners seek guidance from a knowledgeable attorney.

Several members from my practice are being sued in a medical malpractice case. Our practice is insured through the hospital that we practice at. The hospital has appointed one attorney to represent the hospital and members of my practice. It appears that our interests and the interests of the hospital are not aligned. Should we seek outside counsel?

At times in medical malpractice cases, the interests of the hospital and practitioners are not aligned. It may be a conflict for one attorney to represent the combined interests of the hospital and the practitioners. Such a conflict may compromise the rights of the practitioners. It is essential that practitioners seek outside counsel from a knowledgeable attorney if there is a possibility of conflict in representation.
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